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Restaurant Uniform Ideas - Restaurant Ties - Uniform Tips

Waiting wearing a white dress shirt and black tie

Besides great food, a clean and presentable server uniform is an important part of the restaurant business. But restaurants are a messy place, so server uniforms must also be affordable and durable. TieMart's restaurant guide is designed to help you find the right uniform and accessories for your servers. Maybe this is a classic black restaurant tie. Or perhaps you're looking to customize uniforms with logo ties.

TieMart sells affordable, quality ties to many restaurants nationwide. Large quantities are kept in stock at all times. The most popular restaurant ties, including staff ties, are never discontinued. This allow restaurants to confidently order the same tie year after year, without having to worry about changing waiter uniforms. Orders placed Monday through Friday by 12 pm central time ship the same day. Delivery options as fast as the next day are available at checkout.

Top Restaurant Ties

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Restaurant Uniform Tips

Ideas for choosing a staff tie that looks good and withstands the hazards of a restaurant.

You can’t go wrong with a black waitstaff tie in the restaurant industry, but there are other tie options, too. Take a look.

Here are tips for keeping restaurant ties looking like-new longer.

Match your server’s uniforms to the trendy atmosphere of your restaurant.

Impress your patrons with an upscale waitstaff uniform. Here are the must-have apparel pieces.

Here's a look at the many server uniform options available for casual restaurants.

Custom Restaurant Ties

Show off your brand and keep your waitstaff looking professional and recognizable in custom restaurant ties. Custom ties can incorporate the restaurant's logo and colors, for a truly customized look. There are no minimum orders, so even small eateries can stand out. Start designing a custom tie and get your logo out there.

Restaurant Uniform Accessories

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Real Restaurant Uniforms

Black ties are timeless, just like this 100-year old ice cream parlor that adds black ties to their old-fashioned uniforms.

Come take a look at this Mexican restaurant's spicy menu and colorful ties.

The view, the food, the ties. Here's an inside look at this Monterey, CA eatery and the waitstaff's standout uniforms.

Restaurant Uniform FAQ

Have a question about server attire? You're not alone. Here are the top restaurant uniform questions.

Do restaurants have uniforms?

Most, but not all, restaurants have uniforms for their waitstaff. The uniform may be a guideline, like a white button down and black pants, a branded polo and khakis, flannel and jeans, etc. Other restaurants require everyone to wear the same exact items, which may or may not be provided by the restaurant.

Why do restaurants have uniforms?

Besides tradition, there are a few reasons why restaurants have employee uniforms. First, it makes it easy to distinguish who works at the restaurant. Secondly, uniforms are an important part of branding and set the ambiance for the restaurant. Waiters wearing an assortment of bright and colorful ties can create a fun and memorable environment. You'll usually find waiters wearing black ties in upscale and fine dining restaurants. If you walk into a restaurant and find waiters wearing plaid shirts and skinny ties, you know the atmosphere is trendy and modern.

What is a waiter uniform?

Waiter uniforms vary greatly depending on the restaurant. The most common uniform worn is a white dress shirt, black pants and black tie. However, today we see waiters wearing everything from plaid shirts to t-shirts and ties. Even in a t-shirt and jeans, the important part of a waiter uniform is that the staff looks (and is) clean. Restaurant uniforms may have guidelines for jewelry, visible tattoos and hairstyles, especially in more upscale dining.

What does a restaurant manager wear?

The restaurant manager is usually dressed the most professionally at a restaurant. If the waiters wear ties, then then manager often wears a jacket over their dress shirt. If ties aren't part of the waitstaff uniform, the manager may wear a tie. The manager might not follow the same color guidelines for his or her uniform, but instead a level or formality, such as business attire, etc.

How should a restaurant hostess dress?

A restaurant host or hostess gives the first impression when someone walks through the doors, so attire counts. His or her outfit is usually different than the waiters, but still coordinates with what the rest of the staff is wearing. If the waiters wear dress shirts and ties, the hostess may wear a similar dress shirt without a tie. (Male hosts will sometimes wear a tie as well, but it might be a pattern tie that coordinates with the solid color the waiters are wearing.) If the waiters all wear branded polo shirts, the hostess may wear a branded color is a different color. The key is to look presentable but distinguishable from the waitstaff.

Why do restaurants wear black?

Black is, without a doubt, the most popular color worn by restaurant employees. Why? Because it hides spills, stains and splatters the best. While a light colored garment might instantly be ruined by a blob of pasta sauce, black can continued to be worn.

What do you call a chef's uniform?

Although they might not be seen by the clientle, chefs wear uniforms, too. The typical chef uniform is different than a waiter or waitress. It usually consists of a toque (hat), coat, apron or side towel, pants and slip-resistant shoes.

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TieMart sells affordable, quality ties to many industries, including restaurants. They keep large quantities in stock at all times. Styles of their most popular ties, including many skinny ties, are never discontinued. This allows restaurants to confidently order the same ties year after year, without having to worry about changing waitstaff uniforms.